Jazz it up


French Connection tweed blazer
Via Spiga lace peep toe ankle boots
Fendi Silvana bag
metallic stocking bought in Korea

One of my weekend outfits here.  We've been having unusually warm weather for January in NYC and I felt fortunate enough not to wear a heavy winter coat.  It is still cold but nothing like we used to have in the last couple of years.  No blizzard and no 20 something degree unbearable days yet.  So, for the first time, I am not so envious of the bloggers who live in California. Oh la la!

This Little Black Dress (available at my store) is really something.  It features a soft suede textured  top with a deep v-cutout down to the waist. Very sensual.  The double layered tulle skirt completes the dress with a bouncy and lovely touch.  Too bad that I didn't take the photos of the dress itself.  I promise I'll post them soon.  I wore it with the cropped tweed jacket from French Connection and a pair of metallic stocking I bought in Korea. You may have noticed by now that  I rarely dress all in black, and this is probably as black as it gets.  Do you see my efforts to jazz it up a bit with some different textures? :D



  1. I love that dress - you look absolutely fantastic!

  2. Awesome outfit!
    we love your blog and we r also folloging u now!
    sweet kisses from Spain

  3. great outfit, some of the pieces on your website are to die for! i just wish i could get them without paying so much import tax haha (uk fan!) xx

  4. so pretty! wonderful jacket

  5. beautiful ensemble...you it together really well :)

  6. Love this ensemble! Simple, chic and comfortable..Very pretty!

  7. nice job with the metallic stockings- it goes well with the tweed on the grey jacket! :) the skater dress is beautiful too, I love the tulle design!


  8. the blazer is awesome!!!love it with the little black dress!

  9. Mmm, the weather has actually been quite pleasant this winter, although not quite bare legs and sandals weather haha. I do wish it would snow though, it just doesn't seem winter without it! All black (or even just monochromatic outfits) are always even nicer with different textures and I like how they're subtle here and not completely overwhelming. Definitely going to have to check out the dress, it looks really lovely. Hope you have a good week!

  10. Chic outfit! Love your blazer and your bag is such a great burst of colour for the outfit! Oh, not to forget your amazing lace shoes!

    Ash :o)

  11. cute~
    follow my blog and i will follow you too!
    Decimal Shoes blog
    Decimal Shoes Web

  12. I love the jacket! Nicely done! :)

  13. great styling! find ur blog by misssophie's editorial, i'm checking all your post now, glad to meet you :) the store is amazing too!

  14. Hi! i discovered your blog today and i think it's amazing!!! You have a new follower!!!!


  15. hi, i have just know your blog, im follwing you !
    i love this shoes


  16. this boots are great !!


  17. In love with those tight,with outfit in general:)

  18. You look great, I love your dress!

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

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