Neon Pink

Lambswool shearling jacket bought in Korea
Oversized striped sweater and neon pink skinny pants from
Steve Madden zipper detail suede ankle boots
Balenciaga first classic

I got this pair of neon pink skinnies last summer but soon it turned out I could not fit in to them.  I tried many times in many different positions (even tried lying in bed with my legs up in the air) but I just couldn't get my feet through them.  How frustrating!  After letting them sit in my closet the whole summer, I finally took them out and debated what to do with them.  Should I reform them to a pair of shorts? skirt? or just give away?  
Final verdict?  I cut the stitches off on each side and rolled them up.
Problem solved!  



  1. Great idea... Love your blog...kisses

  2. Great idea! Fabulous pants!

  3. I love this look. I just got jeans the exact same colour and was at a loss with what to pair them with. Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Emma xx

  4. Love this combo the colors are gorgeous great look !!!

  5. Just found your blog and in LOVE! Love the outfits, posts, everything including your adorable dog! =D

  6. Great outfit! Love the color combination =) X

  7. lol you couldn't fit into them? but you look like you could fit into anything! love the bubble gum pink color, i think the outfit looks best without the coat. and your dog is beautiful!!

  8. Love your jeans and boots. Chic! :)

    'The Wind of Inspiration' personal style blog

  9. great solution because the pants look fabulous on you :)


  10. You look so sweet! Love this outfit!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  11. wow, those neon pants must've been tiny if you couldn't get your skinny ankles in them! what you've done with them is very clever though, they look great with the rest of your outfit! :)

  12. Cute outfit! :)

  13. I did that to a pair of Abercrombie jeggings and I love them so much more, for it.

    te amo,

  14. haha, good idea! (maybe i should do something similar with a dress i own, if i just made the back slit a little higher i might be able to actually move when i have it on!)

    i love the pink, it makes me look forward to summer!

    Katie x

  15. saw u on chictopia, with that leatherjacket ur look is perrrrfect! followiiiiing u now!!!

    xx liza

  16. Love the colour of your outfit! The pinks, neutrals and purples are just such compliment for your skin! You look like you are glowing.

    Ash :o)

  17. Lovely outfit....but I must say, I am completely adoring your puppy! She's so darling - I've always wanted a Sheltie and I can wait to get one someday (hehe but I have a yorkie for now yay!).

    Your newest follower/dog lover :)

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