Dream Hotel

Nasty Gal faux fur leopard clutch
H belt and rivale bracelet from Hermes
Schutz brown loafer platform heels

Last Friday, Audrey and I walked over to the Dream Hotel Downtown for a quick drink before my dinner with Scott.  I've been there once before but it was too much of a party scene for me and never had a chance to fully explore the place.  This time we went there super early to avoid all the crowd and to enjoy the sunset on the rooftop.  It turned out to be the best decision ever.  We had  a whole booth table to ourselves with very attentive service and not to mention the great view of the city.    
I'm wearing a classic cut metallic sleeve detailed LBD with some gold jewelries.  I rarely wear drop earrings but I thought they'd go well with my new necklace (available in the store now).  I got the pair of Schutz brown loafer platforms from Gilt sale recently and cannot describe how happy I am with my catch.  They were in somebody else's cart so I had to wait patiently for over 10 mins refreshing my browser every other second until I got them on my hand.  I can be pretty persistent ;)  Love its almond toe shape and killer platforms that put me almost to the same height as Scott.   



  1. love that fur clutch! Very cute!


  2. I love the sleeves on that dress and the view out of that window is amazing! I know you mentioned before that I should include more pictures of my dog in my blog, there are some of him in my new post playing in the snow :) xx

  3. The belt, the shoes, the bag are marvelous touches!!


  4. you are stunning always!xx

  5. I love this outfit, you look so elegant! The clutch is adorable and gives a special touch to all the outfit!


  6. you look so chic and stylish.that place seems amazing :) great pics

  7. Nice Blog!! i love you heel!!! and gorgeous look!! xxoo♥♥♥

  8. Love this simple outfit! You look so chic as always!

  9. You look beautiful, I love your loafer platforms. This place looks amazing, I bet you had lots of fun exploring it.


    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  10. Great photos, you look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  11. gorgeous!!!

  12. you look stunning! ;)

  13. super chic!!just love every piece of this outfit!

  14. haha, love your persistence with the loafers!! cute dress too, i love the sparkly sleeves..

    Katie x

  15. Pretty! Love your platforms =) X


  16. Love your dress and your cute clutch! YOu look stunning as usual.

    Ash :o)

  17. lovely!kisses

  18. I really love the different textures in your dress especially since they're both black fabrics, but kept visually interesting because of the different types of materials...the metallic sleeves seem so intricate. Continuing to like this shorter 'do on you and yay kill heels! Hope you've been having a lovely week Sun! xx

  19. Hello Sun! Gorgeous look you have here! Simple but so sophisticated. I especially love your clutch!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale

  20. i like the leopard clutch so much!!XXXXX

    and gorgeous outfit!


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