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rebecca minkoff neon yellow trim clutch
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Oh lord, I came down with flu for the last few days and finally put myself together for NYFW.  I got lucky to get a hold of couple of big shows and super excited to share with you soon.  Seriously, how do other bloggers manage to do live time post and streaming?  I'm not good at multitasking so I need to just enjoy the show for now and think about blogging later.
 With moving to Brooklyn, fashion week, and Scott's birthday (it's today),  I had hardly any time to sit still in front of computer doing work but I'm very excited for all the exhilarating experiences ahead of me and looking forward to share with you soon.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter (@misspouty) for some live updates and snaps :)

In the meantime, new tweed blazer and denim patchwork pants are arrived at the store now.  What do you think of them?  I like the neon multicolor accents of the jacket (not to mention the chain embellishment trim details).  The pants are really phenomenal and I am convinced they are going to be my new favorite for a while.  I love the denim patchwork and zipper details and it's got everything I wanted: the comfort of the leggings and the fit of the pant.

Happy Friday!!



  1. Love your look! Have fun at fashion week!


  2. Beautiful! Love the tweed jacket. x

  3. such a beautiful it

  4. Love your outfit!!
    So beautiful!!!!

    Kisses!! (:

  5. Great clutch <3 Love the mix of nude and neon.

  6. Love your jacket! Beautiful outfit!!!!!

  7. Love that jacket of yours!

  8. Dig that tweed jacket! X

  9. Absolutely love your jacket!


  10. Your heels together with this cool trench creates a really cool and interesting look, love it!!:)

  11. Great texture in your tweed jacket! I also like how the sidewalk graffiti that you found emulates the print on your astro boy top. That's a shame that you got the flu and I hope that you're feeling loads better now– can't wait to hear about the shows you got to attend! Hope that you've had a lovely weekend especially celebrating Scott's birthday! xx

  12. Ohhh jacket and shoes are made for each other,it looks like from Chanel fashion show;) Love how you look in all black look!

  13. Wow! Nice blazer, looks so much like a CHANEL ;)

    You have great style sense, its refreshing to see!!!


  14. Nice jacket and great blog !
    I'm absolutely fan !
    Kisses from Paris

  15. All of it is just beautiful!!

  16. your style is soooooo lovely!

  17. Great jacket, I'm really loving the neon multicolor accents and the denim patchwork sounds like a dream come true. Wish you the best celebrating your husband's birthday!


    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  18. Beautiful look from head to toe! :)

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