NYFW Day One

For the first time ever since Scott and I moved to our new home in Williamsburg, I finally freed myself from slaving over openend housework.  Who knew that moving could be this difficult?????  But looking at the apt getting put together little by little is such a rewarding feeling.  Here are some of the long overdue Mercedes-Benz fashion week photos.  Richard Chai show was amazing.  The music was awesome (the Smiths' How Soon Is Now) and I was so fascinated by his collection of a balanced mixture of heavy-duty wools with florals and urban stripes, oversized blazers with pleated palazzo pants, and the dominating palette of navy, gray and black with a splash of red and tie-dye.  
Just loved the delicate combination of masculinity and femininity.

I was wearing;
vintage thrifted fur coat
phillip lim cashmere romper
lanvin ankle boots
fendi silvana



  1. Adore the fur coat! X


  2. hope you have a great time :)


  3. Great pictures! Love the vintage fur coat.


    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  4. I love your fur coat, it's absolutely gorgeous :) xx

  5. Gorgeous fur coat (and I don't normally like fur that much) and beautiful handbag. :) It looks like you had lots of fun at New York Fashion Week and I am officially very jealous. Cool post!

  6. Your fur coat is a dream!I know people don't love the fur nowadays,but I adore your coat!;)

  7. the show looks amazing! and i'm loving your vintage fur coat- so gorgeous :-)

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