Mix and Match

Black metallic tweed jacket (coming in store tomorrow) and lace clutch from misspouty.com
Zara dress
Via Spiga peep toe ankle boots
Karen Walker sunglasses
Hermes bracelet

Enough said how much I love tweed, lace and floral prints.  This is the ultimate mix and match of all the things I adore.



  1. Beautiful outfit!!

    xx alex

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  2. love the classy tweed jacket! your lace heels are so sexy!

    xo, Tina

  3. Amazing dress!!! I love the jacket too!!!
    New post on my blog!!!!


  4. Beautiful dress!!!!
    much love Francesca


  5. Love the dress and the boots!!!!
    Beautiful outfit!!!


  6. stunning look! beautiful dress! love it with the lace booties!

  7. Beautiful! Those ankle boots are amazing!

  8. cute look! I'm ur new follower, hope you follow me too!

    xoxo champagne

  9. your dress is floaty and fun, shoes funky and somehow the conservative jacket pulls it all together... I love it!

  10. Such a gorgeous dress!And how it looks with that chic jacket...ohhh;)

  11. The combination of textures is really lovely to look at and I especially like how the texture in your jacket almost seems like an extra pattern against the floral print. Hope it continues to stay sunny this week! xx

  12. Beautiful! I love ur shoes!

  13. I've always loved that dress, but it looks quite lovely with that tweed jacket!


  14. perfect tweed jacket !!!! so stylish!!

  15. Love the dress and the boots!!!!
    Beautiful outfit!!!

  16. love the classy tweed jacket! your lace heels are so sexy!

  17. WOW! that dress is stunning, love the boots aswell HUGZ

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