Scalloped Hem Blazer

scalloped hem cropped blazer my mom got me when I was about 12
floral shorts from nastygal
no label cotton tshirt
rebecca minkoff neon yellow trim mac clutch
steve madden ankle booties
karen walker sunglasses
bracelets - topshop, david yurman and hermes 

I remember my mom got me that blazer when I was 11 or 12  years old to take me to her cousin's wedding or something and I never wore once after the occasion.  After a decade went by, I randomly found it hanging in my old closet when I was in Korea last September so I stuffed it in my suitcase brought it with me to NY.  After all those years, it looks so brand new (maybe because I never really wore before?) and contemporary that I was pleasantly surprised.  Especially in love the scallop hem with beaded details. 
Score :D



  1. Hi!
    Love the complete outfit. It's perfect.

    If you want, yu can visit my blog

    love from Madrid

    Marta :)

  2. im surprised you can still fit in that blazer. The scallop hem detail is def a keeper, Sun. lol... im looking forward your phto diary on Miami vacation... :)

  3. amazing outfit.i adore that floral skirt and ur booties.great :)

  4. oh wow! i was thinking the blazer is a new item from your shop! love the scallop hem indeed!

  5. Perfect!(:

  6. adorable outfit, the skirt is so lovely :)

  7. Cute pants!


  9. I love this outfit!!!

  10. Another amazing outfit !!! Your short is just stunning, it suits you so well !!
    And you're lucky to still be able to wear this jacket, it's very beautiful !! <3


  11. Beautiful photos and the outfit! Perfect! :)

    Love from Croatia!

  12. LOVE that scallop edge blazer!


  13. nice pics dear!!!kisses

  14. Gorgeous outfit, the jacket and shorts are so pretty :) xx

  15. and it still fits you perfectly after a decade?! wow.. hhahaha loooveee that blazer so much!

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