Pastel color accent sweater and gold necklace from
Zara blue print shorts and strap sandals
Louis Vuitton speedy
Dries Van Noten sunglasses
Casio watch, Hermes rivale and friendship bracelet bought in Miami

 I got these silk shorts from Zara a couple of weeks ago and finally gave more meanings to them than just being a pajama.  Love its almost 3D like ink blue prints with side slit details.  So soft and light that sometimes I get freaked out as if I forgot to put on my bottoms.. silly ;)  Off to the Hamptons later today for the weekend but I am more worried than excited over all the works I will have to do for the house.  From hard core paint job and stripping off the wall papers from the 40's (literally) and unpacking all the new furniture and kitchenware that must be all  piled up on our porch.  Hopefully, I can find some time to sit down and appreciate the nature in between.  You all have a great weekend (mine will be unusually productive for sure) and I'll come back next week :D





  1. Love the shorts!!

  2. Sun, I love your hair so much! It's got so much volume, how do you do it? great outfit!
    Tina @ ww.Tinacious.Me

  3. Couldn't decide if i should get them or not but not I'm sold :))) You look great! S.

  4. Thank you! @Tina I put my hair upside down and then do gentle blow dry ;)

  5. Wow!! you look great!!!!

  6. You look absolutely stunning! Love the comfy and casual look! X

  7. Soo beautiful!!:) The heels, the shorts, the sweater...Everything!!

  8. I got those shorts too and I love how you styled them!

  9. great color.yellow look great on you.

  10. I just love love love this rain coat !
    And as it's raining and raining again here, it would be the perfect outfit for me, haha ! :)

  11. Magnificent casual outfit. You have so much charm and i'm in loved with your hair :-)
    visit my webside, Zerlina

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