Feeling Very Blue

chinese laundry sandals
balenciaga first classic
karen walker sunglasses
bracelets - balenciaga and leslie danzis

Another muggy and cloudy day in NYC.. It's a kind of weather you need an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses at the same time.  You never know when you get hit by a shower yet it's so sunny and hot when the Sun picks out briefly.



  1. super cute bag, Sun! love these pictures! it's like a NY adventure!
    Tina @ www.tinacious.me

  2. estoy encantada con tu blog este outfit me ha enamorado, me gusta mucho el vestido azul. y las sandalias son realmente bonitas Bs Un saludo...

  3. Love your dress!!


  4. you are such a doll!! the dress has such a cute shape and you suit it perfectly <3


  5. i love the simple but cute baby doll dress! and i love your sandals!


  6. Looooove this outfit!

  7. Lovee the outfit! So adorable! Amazing pictures as well! X

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  8. Your dress is adorable!!:)

  9. Wow, nice look! I love your dress! XX

  10. Cute outfit--love those shoes! I know you said they were Chinese Laundry but you can tell the name of them or where you got them? Thanks!

  11. such an AMAZING BLOG DEAR
    follow eachother?



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