Miami Mix

What I like about Miami:

1 & 2. Biking around the South Beach in J Crew dress, hat and Birkenstock  3. Fruit salad at the breakfast table  4. Favorite time of the day with a good cup of coffee and NYT  5. The Sun drenching view of the South Beach  6 & 7. Lounging at the hotel roof  in Topshop bikinis  8. Yummy Angus burger and deadly fries  9 & 10. Outdoor spa bed♥  11 & 12. A chess tournament at the hotel lobby  13. Cocktail hour  14. Romantic dinner followed by live jazz  15. Ice cream sandwich by the beach



  1. cute dress, Sun! Love your hat!

  2. Cute bikinis! I know you said they are from topshop but can you tell us whether they are from this season?

  3. I love your bikini's color! :)

  4. Beautiful pics, I miss lazy summer days..And really cute bikinis!

  5. Cute pictures! Looks like you had so much fun =) X

  6. I like your style and your blog is adorable!!! check mine we could follow on GFC and Bloglovin!!! xoxo

  7. me encanta tu blog y tu estilo. te sigo!!!

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Cheers, Sun

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