[ LIFESTYLE ] It's Always Sunny in Springs

I live for the weekends and this is why:

 1-4. cuddly time on the lawn withe the furry babies after some homemade brunch  5. the beautiful Louse point  6. Jerry & Tom waiting for treats after a swim session in the bay   7. helping Scott to land his kite  8. Sun drenching late afternoon at Napeague  9-11. sunset bike ride to Gerald Drive  12. Mochie at 8 weeks

printed shirt dress from misspouty.com
tophop gingham seersucker bikinis
rag and bone flat sandals
karen walker number one sunglasses



  1. The print in your dress seems so fun and perfect for summer! That weather looks fantastic, what a great weekend in the sun– the last photograph of Mochie is adorable. Hope you have just as pleasant of a week! xx

  2. Your doggies are sooo cute!! :3

  3. The pictures are beautiful!! It looks so sunny and gorgeous - where is this? And that flowy dress / cover up is adorable, and gosh...don't get me started on your dogs!! Mochie is especially cute. :)
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  4. Que fotos tan bonitas, y el vestido es precioso.

    un beso

  5. i love your dress! so effortless!


  6. Cute outfit! The doggies are so adorable <3 x



  8. smiling dogs - there is nothing better!
    love the shot of you on the bike too - so beautiful

    ♥ ThankFifi

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