picnic and napping in the front yard

a corner of my office - recycled orangina bottles as bracelet holders

dots + stripes + seersucker

the lady in yellow

new orleans style sunday brunch

fendi ballerina espadrilles <3

brunch-ing and bike-ing

homemade country breakfast

the view of manhattan

black martine sitbon satchel and karen walker number six

lounging on the porch

a pair of chinese laundry

feeling citrus yellow 

the duo

fake-kayaking on the lawn


  1. I have that neon polish from American Apparel! Cute photos, following you for sure:) (@couturing_)


  2. Cute pictures! (:

  3. you have such cute pups!

  4. This is a great post full of beautiful pictures. I love the first one, it's the cutest! I also love your yellow dress and such a great idea to use the orangina bottles as bracelet holders :) xx

  5. Ahh your doggies are too too cute! And those white and red striped wedges are just so adorable. Great pics. ^^
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  6. Oh, I fell in love at your blog and your cute style, gorgeous :)

  7. What a nice bag and shoes... and I love the pic's! lovely :)

  8. I want a bed exactly like yours! Could you please tell me the details of the bedding? It's hard to tell colors. : )

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