[ OUTFIT ] Thank God It's Friday!

blue nautical striped cotton dress (will be available next week) 
& neon frame sunglasses from misspouty.com 
prada saffiano tote cameo 
marc by marc jacobs watch

Hi all! I'd better make this post short because Scott will storm in any second and rush me to hurry up to beat the traffic on LIE.  A beautiful weekend is ahead of us so hope you enjoy every last bit of it :D I'll be back next week!!



  1. super cute sandals, Sun! The spray painting is hilarious! is that noodles he's eating there?
    ~Tinacious Me~

  2. amazing! so simple! love it!


  3. Love yur super simple look....the bag is just a dream *_*


  4. Love this casual look! xx

  5. Nice dress!!


  6. those neon frame sunglasses are awesome, LOVE them!!

    katie x

  7. Love the dress! I like how it has pockets; it gives it a girl/sporty/tomboy look. :P

  8. I think you found the perfect background to bring out the blue in your dress, haha. The simple accessorizing is nice too as it lets all the little details stand out more, such as in your shoes. Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a good weekend! xx

  9. Your dogs are so cute - especially the younger one!


    Tien xo

  10. Congrats for being Style Icon over at Chictopia! x


  11. Oh such pretty bikini!

    and i love the little pup!
    love your happy posts ((:

    kisses from sg

  12. Lovey photos!!



  13. LOVE your bikini! And that last photo is gorgeous.
    Really digging your blog

    The Marcy Stop
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  14. This dress is charming.

  15. I paddleboard with my dog too! Love your blog;)


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