[ TRAVEL ] French Countryside

So we continued to drive west from Aix en Provence and finally arrived at this beautiful, untouched little town called Daumazan-sur-Arize.  Please meet Jenny the goat (who's trying to chew my dress), Suzy the lamb and Albany the horse.  They were the sweetest little things living in perfectly harmonious life together!  Jenny eats all the bad grass and likes a car ride (seriously, she tried to jump in the back seat of the car whenever we were leaving the house) and Albany the horse thinks of Suzy the lamb as her own baby and look after Suzy.  How adorable is that?  We also spent some time in nearby villageCarla-Bayle visiting local art galleries and having lunch with the breathtaking view of the town.



  1. beautiful place!you look lovely in this dress.amazing pics.

  2. such pretty sights! love the hills and the ivy on the buildings
    xx mili


  3. Beautiful photos! I already wondered where you were! Hope to see more soon :) xxx


  4. great pictures..hopefully i would get to those places

  5. i love your dress! so cute!


  6. Beautiful photos and I love your yellow gingham dress! So happy to see your posts again!


  7. beautiful! That place is enchanting! <3


  8. Amazing shots! Love your dress xx


  9. looks so perfect


  10. You look stunning. I really love the pop of neon from the bag. so nice. xx

  11. Gorgeous outfit and nice color palette! Good luck for 2013 as well.

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