Barbados Photo Diary - Part Three

More Barbados photos here.  Oh well, looking at the vacation photos is not really a productive thing to do on Monday but I couldn't help myself with the 30 degrees outside.  February is going to be pretty exciting with some new projects and new location for misspouty!  Yes, we are finally moving to Brooklyn in two weeks from now and so thrilled to see what Williamsburg can offer us! New restaurants, bars and vintage stores!!  It feels a bit sentimental to leave Chelsea for many good reasons but the fact that we can always come back to the same apt down the road makes everything seem easy.  Besides, wouldn't I be having so much fun decorating the new apt?? :D 
Happy Monday!   


Neon Pink

Lambswool shearling jacket bought in Korea
Oversized striped sweater and neon pink skinny pants from
Steve Madden zipper detail suede ankle boots
Balenciaga first classic

I got this pair of neon pink skinnies last summer but soon it turned out I could not fit in to them.  I tried many times in many different positions (even tried lying in bed with my legs up in the air) but I just couldn't get my feet through them.  How frustrating!  After letting them sit in my closet the whole summer, I finally took them out and debated what to do with them.  Should I reform them to a pair of shorts? skirt? or just give away?  
Final verdict?  I cut the stitches off on each side and rolled them up.
Problem solved!  


Barbados Photo Diary - Part Two

Birkenstock sandals
Chloe sunglasses

 We spent one afternoon driving around the North and East part of the island.  Even though I really enjoy the Caribbean side, this part of the island really appeals to me with its stunning scenery and a ragged cliffside to walk along.  It's quite a drive from where we stay but it's always paid off the minute you see the breathtaking nature.  The Atlantic Ocean offers the biggest waves with the combination of rocky mountains along the coastline.  It's simply beautiful and very inviting but I would not dare try to swim here ;)

Thank you Berkenstock for doing such a fine job for over 5 years.  It was stupid of me to wear them to walk around the rocky cliff but they are pretty solid than they look.

Topshop one shoulder stripe jersey dress
Frye wooden sandals
Hermes bracelet
Balenciaga first classic

Before going out for dinner, I put on my Topshop dress which I got a couple of years ago for my Vegas trip.  I would never be courageous enough to pull this out in NYC but who cares when you are on vacation?  However, I still had to practice to hold my tummy tight so that it does not show in the skin tight jersey dress.  Still not enough,  I threw a cashmere sweater on top as a mere attempt to look less skimpy :p  

Another morning of kite surfing!

Top two - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bottom from the left - Heidi Klein, Hollister and Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Floral printed maxi dress with tail hem from Zara
Gunmetal black strappy platform heels
Alexis Hudson Clutch

Scott and I had a big dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the island, the Cliff.  As its name stands for, it's situated on the West coast of Barbados with an amazing setting and the view.  This was the place where Scott popped the question for me two years ago so I thought it was very romantic to be back.  

I finally got to wear this Zara dress with bare legs.  Just paired it with simple black platform sandals which Scott successfully managed to crop out after some glasses of wine :) 


Barbados Photo Diary - Part One

Here are some of the photos from our Barbados trip.  We keep coming back here not only for its amazing weather, nature, and dining experiences but also the island has a lot of special meanings to us.  Scott proposed to me here on the Valentine's day two years ago (it was a total surprise!) and because this was our first visit ever since the engagement, I got all sentimental. 

Oh and I made sure to get enough sun bathing and ocean swimming in order to keep me going until the Memorial day weekend :D

 Walking around the beach in front of our villa. One of the things I love about Barbados is that the Sun is really hot and strong but it's fairly windy and dry so it makes a perfect beach day almost everyday.

 Probably one of the most romantic bus stops

@ Silver Sands
Can you see how many kites are up in the air? :)

 Yes, that's my husband with the red kite :p

At our favorite cafe in the island.  It's got an amazing view with good pina colada!

 My bikini matches the balcony loveseat.

 Sunset in Barbados

chloe oversized sunglasses
heidi klein wide brim hat
fendi boston bag
marc by marc jacobs bandeau bikinis

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