[ TRAVEL ] French Countryside

So we continued to drive west from Aix en Provence and finally arrived at this beautiful, untouched little town called Daumazan-sur-Arize.  Please meet Jenny the goat (who's trying to chew my dress), Suzy the lamb and Albany the horse.  They were the sweetest little things living in perfectly harmonious life together!  Jenny eats all the bad grass and likes a car ride (seriously, she tried to jump in the back seat of the car whenever we were leaving the house) and Albany the horse thinks of Suzy the lamb as her own baby and look after Suzy.  How adorable is that?  We also spent some time in nearby villageCarla-Bayle visiting local art galleries and having lunch with the breathtaking view of the town.


[ TRAVEL ] What Happened in Vegas

Hello, it's me! I know I am so behind blogging these days (no excuse whatsoever) but just wanted to say hi and to let you know I'm here alive.  I've been traveling some time recently and this 'working on a new venture' thing was just eating me up so much :'(  I've got so many photos and stories to share but don't even know where to start when I feel so off blogging.
First, let me start with some overdue travel photos and then I'll keep up on the rest. These are from my Las Vegas trip last September.  It's been almost two years since I visited Vegas and totally forgot how crazy the city was!  I finally picked up how to play blackjack properly (understanding when to double down and when not to) and began to appreciate its genuine aspects of this fake city. Well, kind of.  One of my best friends is planning on having her her birthday party here in March so I can't wait to go back and party.  Girls only trip this time, woot woot!

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