photo diary - paris and amsterdam

strolling around rive gauche

st. martin canal

neon + neoprene

laid back japanese dinner - nanashi

blackcurrant cocktail

sun soaked sunday afternoon - marais

have a seat

one of many canal photos - amsterdam


getting inspired - friday next

lunch and tea time - conservatorium hotel 

dutch living - bicycle

amsterdam - black and white

late night out and about

welcome to the deep amsterdam jungle

I really wish I was better at words so that I could articulate all the fun (and frustrating) details of my last trip. It's quite sad I'm not a born writer.  Instead, I have a camera and iPhone.  I hope my photography speak its own story, deliver all the memories and emotions at the time.



  1. i always love your bright fashion pieces!


  2. your sunnies look so much fun!

  3. What a lovely post of your trip from Paris to Amsterdam c:
    I hope my Amsterdam is treating you well! Love the
    look with the croptop and neon skirt! Xx

  4. amazing photography - these photos are really stirring my wanderlust!
    xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

  5. Love your pics! Great handbags for travelling. Are they all designer bags?

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