(wearing: isabel marant pour h&m wool jacket, margaret howell sweater, new balance for jcrew, hermes herbag, diy tartan scarf) 

It seems like everybody's talking about Isabel Marant these days and naturally, I'm not free from all the buzz as much as I wish.  I love her quintessentially french chic designs with touch of bohemian and feminine elements.  So, every time I travel to France I make sure I make a pilgrimage to her stores (whether it's the flagship store on rue de charonne or a small boutique shop in middle of aix-en-provence).  This time, she celebrated my 29th birthday launching Isabel Marant pour H&M (Nov 14th!! Seriously, how did she know? ;p) so I could not ask for more.    

Since I am never good at standing in line for hours, I patiently waited in front of my computer with a list of things I'd like to get.  Initially it got me freaked out when my computer screen went all white with bright scary red fonts saying I'm in queue but I stayed calm and kept refreshing the browser and then boom boom boom I was done in 15 mins.  

I'm wearing girl's collection wool jacket size 12-14 (one size smaller than 14+) and my god it fits like a glove.  Compared to the same design for woman's I prefer this for it's softer fabric and construction. And, it's less than a half of the price. Do things get any better than this?

Oh, guess what? I knitted the tartan neck warmer (or a scarf) from scratch! 




  1. I am like surprised that H&M online put me on a queue, like seriously?
    Anyway I am glad you have more patience than I do :P You look
    great as usual! Xx

  2. I like your style ; )
    옷을 이쁘게 잘 입으시네요^^

  3. So casual and gorgeous outfit, I just love it


  4. Sehr schick, sieht toll aus.

  5. i have been following you blog for a year or 2 and I was so happy when i saw your last post (meaning you haven't quit blogging yet) :) i loved all your travel posts so please keep posting.

    Please also take a look at my blog when you have time (if you can give me some comments on how to improve it :))


    cheers, Joyce

  6. I love your scarf!!!

  7. Estoy encantada de que hayas vuelto. Tu blog es pura poesia, elegancia y clase. gracias

  8. wow,bella,me encanta el look y isabel Marant,un saludo


  9. Finally, finally, somebody wearing the girl's wool jacket! I have been searching madly for just such post, as I have no idea how sizing would be on this. I do agree with you, & much prefer the texture & softness of the girl's jacket vs the women's, which did nothing for me. May I please ask what your height is?

  10. When can we expect new posts?

  11. When can we expect some new posts? We miss them :)

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