admiring the beautiful flats with the canal view-

i am a tourist

tired tourists feet

love the robust and sturdy dutch bikes

black and white

fine waldo

industrial dining room

brunch with the canal view

 the cafe @hotel droog

the highlight of amsterdam visit

dutch design wonderland

the vantage point - last look of amsterdam

hello copenhagen!

dining at Amass

copenhagen is exploding with up and coming culinary venues so our itinerary was evolving around the restaurant reservations 

checking out the restaurant's own farm where they grow fresh local veggies and ingredients 

dining at cofoco

late night snack and drinks at pate pate in meatpacking district

I know I've been missing in action for far too long (was on sort of social media detox regimen).  Even though I've been slow on blogging and facebook, you can still find me on instagram (@misspouty) so please don't be a stranger.  One step at a time, let me post some of the overdue travel logs and I'll get back on my feet with more up to date postings.  Hope all is well with you!

Here are more photos from Amsterdam and Copenhagen.  When I was organizing the itinerary for this trip, I was not sure which city to take off from Paris.  Scott wanted some nature so cities in Switzerland were considered along with Berlin since we've heard so many great things about the 'it city'.  But then we thought, how about Scandinavian cities?  Both Scott and I never been to the Northern part of Europe and we go bananas when it comes to Nordic minimalist aesthetics so naturally we are sold to Copenhagen.  And Amsterdam, being conveniently located in between Paris and Copenhagen, is also chosen for its thriving design, culinary and fashion vibes!    



  1. Beautiful pictures! You have to stop by Switzerland next time ;)

  2. amazing photos!
    love your skirt :)


  3. Welcome back! We've missed your posts really :o
    and I can see you've been visiting my Dutchy country :P
    the pictures are lovely and so does Copenhagen! I want
    to go to Norway, Sweden and Finland someday. I haven't
    been to northern EU before..

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